The Mercedes Cart

The Mercedes story is pretty interesting. A local entrepreneur contacted Davy-boy and asked for something bigger, better, faster, louder and like no other. Lets call our local business man Gus Trump! Mr Trump asked for a Mercedes Benz golf cart. From there the ideas grew and we ended up with an electric golf cart that did 30 miles an hour. Mr Trump decided on a carbon fibre dash with hardwood floors that match his home. Naturally we fitted a stereo with four speakers, two in the tail gate. We included ground effect lighting that has 70 options in color and frequency of flash. It looks incredible at night when it bounces off the chrome 12inch wheels. The wheels are not complete without a low profile tire. The Mercedes emblems are all original and straight from the local Mercedes dealer. The seats are custom made and covered with peanut butter colored crocodile print leather. The back is fitted with a rumble like seat for kids. Retractable seat belts, halogen lights that glow after you turn them off as well as blinkers make it street legal . So if Mr Trump wanted to tag and title it, he could.

As a joke Davyboy's son said "Why don't we bag it?" He quickly learned that was what the boys from the hood called it when you had air bags on all four wheels that made it jump! Crazy talk . Well, the Mercedes took the trip down to our local bad ass mechanic for an appraisal. Lets call the bad ass Snoop! Snoop gives it the once over and says sure we can! The idea is taken to Mr Trump and he says, we have to have it ! Let the bagging commence! Davy-boy started running with a different crowd than he was used to at the country club . Snoop had some interesting friends and unusual hours but when he put his head down, that cat was a baggin' fool! Turns out Snoop had many skills. The air bags needed compressed air to run them, so a compressor and tank where fitted under the hood and the suspension completely rebuilt.

While Snoop was putting it all together another idea emerged. How about a horn? With the compressor and air tank already fitted we agreed on a train horn. Not LIKE a train horn. A REAL train horn! Don't blow it with the garage doors closed. It will light you up! At this stage Mr. Trump was receiving progress reports but the train horn was deliberately omitted from the reports and was a complete surprise till the day of delivery.

Our Mercedes was finally delivered to a pretty excited Mr Trump. After a 10 minute explanation of the features and some pretty cool bouncing our secret horn was revealed . Mr trump took her for a tour of the neighbourhood with the train horn getting a pretty solid work out. After being arrested for disturbing the peace he was released on his own recognisance.

Mr Trump's home was recently featured on MTV's teen cribs. Naturally the cart made an appearance. Enjoy the pictures. Let Dayboy know what color you would like!

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